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Board Export: Able to export the multiple boards at the same time#48

As a Board Export User who will be exporting 20+ boards a week,
I would like to have a feature to allow me to export all the boards at the same time.
So that I will not need to export the 20+ boards one by one manually every week.

2 years ago

This would be an amazing addition to this plug-in. I’m not sure what others do with an export, but we send it to PowerBI to create visual reports for our projects. As is (without manual manipulation to the files) I am only able to have the data from one board in a Power BI report. I suggest that this add-in has the ability to do multiple boards, and that it has the option to export all board data to one file. Right now, I’m doing that manually.

2 years ago

I also need the capability to export specific data from over 50 boards on a bi-weekly basis. Doing this by individual board is tedious and not a good use of time. Please consider adding functionality that allows for a multi-board export . Thanks!

a year ago

Having the ability to export multiple boards at the same time would save time. In today’s world, with it getting harder and harder to find people, the ability to do more quickly is necessary. Please develop this ability to export multiple boards at one time. Thank you, have a Blessed Day!

a year ago